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Wedding Day? Here's What You'll Need for the Limo

wedding limo
The day you get married is a busy one. You'll need a lot of accessories with you in the limo to ensure that you and the other people in your party are comfortable throughout the journey. Here's what many people want to have with them on the trip to and from the church and reception.  

Mirror, Brush, Comb, and Makeup

Your hair and makeup might be perfect at the start of the day, but makeup wears off and hair can get out of place. The quiet ride from the church to the reception is the perfect opportunity to primp, refresh, and make yourself presentable once again.
Have a small bag and a trusty mirror on hand to make touch-ups easier. If you're traveling with the entire wedding party, ask each person which products they'd like to include in the bag so everyone has something for just them. 

Just-Married Sign

Of course you can't go anywhere after the wedding without a just-married sign on the back! You can pick from many different styles, so choose the one that works best for you. Some people prefer the canvas banner to be draped across the back of the trunk, while others like the removable sticker that attaches to the rear window.
Coordinate with your limo company to have the sign attached during the wedding. Bring along whatever you need to safely attach the sign to the trunk of the car. Work closely with your limo company to ensure that the hardware you bring to attach the sign won't cause chips, scratches, or damage to the vehicle. 

High-Protein, No-Mess Snacks

You might get a little peckish after all the excitement and activity of the ceremony. You may even start to feel light-headed or nauseous if you don't keep some food in your stomach.
Good snacks for a wedding day include high-protein, filling treats like almonds and granola bars. Avoid any foods that involve chocolate, anything with a jelly filling, and any foods that are greasy or fatty. Aside from their ability to stain your beautiful clothes, these foods may also lead to insulin spikes, nausea, or bloating.


Whether you're laughing till you cry or crying from nerves, a good set of tissues can always come in handy. Tissues can also be helpful for blotting spills, wiping lipstick off teeth, and fixing makeup. 

Stain Remover

Despite your best efforts, you might still find yourself with a stain on your white dress or white shirt. Have a laundry stain remover in your limo that will attack the stain without doing damage to your clothes. If your wardrobe involves delicate fabrics like silk, check with a laundromat or a trusted tailor to find out which stain removers are safe for your clothes. 

Nail Clippers

Nail clippers serve multiple purposes for a wedding party. While nail clippers are certainly useful for trimming fingernails and hangnails, you can also them to trim a stray thread on a dress. You'll need clippers to prevent wardrobe tears and runs in stockings. 

Comfy Shoes

The shoes you get married in may not be the shoes you want to dance in. Stash a good pair of flats (plus socks) in the limo so you can switch your footwear on the way from the church to the reception. You'll be grateful to have your comfy flats on the dance floor when the time comes to get rowdy with your relatives. 
Want more information about the best things to bring with you in a limo? Talk to your limo company to find out more. At Luxury Limousine Service, we're happy to answer your questions.