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Traveling by Yourself? 4 Ways to Enjoy It More

Travelling with a car
Vacationing solo in a new city represents an opportunity to enjoy a side of travel that you may not see when with a group. It's a chance to relax, to rejuvenate, and to find what you like to do. But many people are hesitant to travel alone for a variety of reasons. Should you be? Not if you treat yourself by applying these simple ideas.

1. Hire a Car

One of the most nerve-wracking aspects of solo travel is getting around a strange place on your own. A car service assuages many common concerns in one fell swoop. How? First, having a car and driver means you travel safely between sights without having to worry about using public transportation, hiring strange rideshare drivers, or walking along in unknown parts of town.

A car service with a driver provided also keeps you from having to navigate the traffic in a strange place, not knowing where to avoid or what times of day you'll get stuck in traffic. And a driver is generally a local expert who can help you find great, out-of-the-way spots to experience a more intimate experience.

2. Have a Pampering Stay

While many travelers want to save money on things like hotel stays, you should consider splurging a little on a more full-service experience when you’re on your own. Look for a hotel with a full-service restaurant as well as other dining options.

Spend a little time in the bar, savoring your favorite beverages. Hit the hotel spa and sauna for a relaxing evening. Treat yourself to your favorite ethnic food without worrying about whether the rest of your group will enjoy it.

A car service can help with this pampering feeling, too. You can relax in the back seat rather than spend your time stressing over traffic or figuring out where to park. Instead, load up your favorite playlist, take pictures from the backseat, and leave the driver to do the worrying.

3. Simplify Your Experience

The urge to try to get everything done and seen on your vacation leads many people to overbooking their time. As a single traveler, your focus should be on having the experience you want rather than on hitting as many sights as you can. Why? Solo travel means you don't have to try to please a large family or group and fit in all their priorities.

Before you head out of town, and again before you leave for each day of exploring, identify your real priorities. Spend time reading in a local coffee shop. Look for more specific, lesser-known museums that fit your taste. Take the time to view old architecture, visit a farmer's market, or take photographs in the city park.

4. Make a Plan

If you're not used to traveling by yourself, you may be surprised by the responsibility to fill your entire trip. Most groups traveling together have a point-person who makes most of the plans. Even when you decide together, you may only be peripheral to the process of deciding where to go and what to do.

Now, though, you will need to design your own vacation. From start to finish, from dawn to dusk — it's all open to you. This can leave too many options for some travelers. So take the time to outline how you want to spend your time before arriving in the city.

Limit your choices by narrowing down priorities to the most important — again, you get to decide your own personal priorities — then adding things in carefully. If you start with a few plans to fill each day, you can add from a backup list as the day progresses. And you have time to be spontaneous.

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