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Teens, Limos, and Safe Riding: What You Need to Know

Teens in Limousine
Your teen wants to arrive at their homecoming, prom, winter ball, or other formal dance in style, and your minivan just won't cut it. Driving up to the school in the family van is reminiscent of those preschool dropoff days, and certainly isn't "cool." Instead of embarrassing your teen with the family car, a limo rental gives your child freedom, fun, and a fabulously fancy mode of transportation.

Even though a limo is a safe, smart, and stylish way for your child to travel, limits and rules are part of the package. A limo ride shouldn't ever equal total freedom. Just because your teen looks like an adult doesn't mean that they are.

What do you need to know as the parent of a teen limo rider? If your child is planning a limo ride to their next school dance, take a look at some of the top rules that they'll need to follow.

No Alcohol

The big-screen movie version of prom always seems to include a group of rowdy teens guzzling down champagne and some sort of liquor in the back of a limo. This not-so-pretty picture couldn't be farther from the truth.

A reputable limo company absolutely will not allow minors under the legal drinking age to ride in a car with alcohol. While adults (over the age of 21) who rent a limo for their special occasions can enjoy a glass of beer or other alcoholic drink, the same can't be said for kids.

Along with talking to the limo company about their rules and enforcement of the rules, discuss these requirements with your child. Make it clear that your child is in no way allowed to bring alcohol into the limo, and neither are their friends. Also, let them know that bringing alcohol into the limo is likely to get them kicked out. While the limo driver is not a babysitter, they are responsible for making sure that your teen (and their friends) follow the rules.

Passenger Number Limits

Unlike a clown car, which is typically packed with people, a limousine has passenger limits. Squeezing all of your child's friends into one car may not work. Keep in mind, you have a variety of different limo options. If your teen's party has more than just a few guests, you will want to consider a larger car or even a party bus.

Talk to the company and ask for the passenger limits by car size. This will guide you to the right car for your child and their crew. Make sure that your teen knows that there are limits. Explain that it's not okay to show up after the prom with 10 extra friends who all want a ride. It's not likely that there will be enough room for everyone to ride safely.

A Good, Safe Time

You want your teen to have fun. And that's all part of the limo experience. But you also don't want the ride to get out of control. Childish behavior that could put your teen, their friends, or the driver at risk for injury is never acceptable.

​Have a discussion with your child, talking about what's right and wrong when it comes to acceptable limo behavior. This includes setting limits and providing your child with real-world examples of how to act (and not act) in a limo. If you're not sure what is allowed, talk to the limo company for specifics.

Does your teen need a limo for prom or another special occasion? Luxury Limousine Service has a fleet of vehicles that can fit your child's prom, homecoming, or party needs.