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Renting a Limo? Get the Party Started During the Ride

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Now that you've rented your limo, what are you planning to do during the ride? For most people, a limo rental plan ends with making the reservation and waiting for the car to pull up outside. But, once you're inside with your girls or guys, how are you going to keep the party going until you reach your destination?
Here are four awesome limo activities for any group to try.

Have Cocktails

Yes, having a drink while in the limo or party bus is an obvious way to start the list. But it's a classic limo ride activity, and you might as well indulge yourself a little. Champagne is the most popular limousine ride drink, and that's a safe choice for just about any celebration in a limo. If heading out in the afternoon or for a more sedate gathering, you may want to opt for a white wine or tasty hard cider. Whatever you choose, be wary of red wines and alcohols that could make a mess if they get spilled.
While having a drink in the party bus is fun, don't provide so much alcohol that your group gets sick or drunk. Either of these could ruin your fun before it really begins and may cause problems with the limousine company. The good news is that you can control the alcohol available in the car, so you can ensure that your party is what you want it to be.

Sing Karaoke

Loosen everyone up with a little backseat karaoke! Singing together is fun and relaxing for most people, so it works in many types of limo groups. Keep it casual, just letting people choose their own songs. Or create a game, challenging groups to sing songs based on words or themes (like "best first dance songs" or songs with the group's names in them). Just don't stress out anyone in the group who may feel shy about singing alone.
Check with the limousine company about how best to approach the equipment hookup needed for karaoke. They've probably worked with karaoke machines before and can assist with setting it up — or they might even be able to provide a vehicle with a built-in method.

Start the Theme

If you're on the way to a prom, a wedding, a shower, or a retirement party, get the party started early by decorating the limo. Bring decorating supplies and hand them out to the people getting in the limo. When the car or bus arrives, everyone can help with hanging streamers and banners, adding balloons, and infusing some color into the decor. Do you have a guest of honor? This is a great way for the group to surprise him or her in advance. Just be sure to use party decor that won't leave lasting marks on the car.

Try a Party Game

Party games aren't just good for keeping things lively when everyone is sitting around inside the venue. You can play a party game or two to break the ice and get everyone laughing during the ride over to the venue. It’s cheap (or free) and works in any situation.
Choose an appropriate party game for your group that matches the party's tone and the people involved. Hosting a group of coworkers? Consider a fun but safe game of "Who Am I?" Taking the girls out on the town for a bridal shower? Switch it up with a more risqué choice like "Never Have I Ever" or Bridal Party Bingo.
Eager to get started planning your limousine or party bus ride? No matter what the event or group makeup, the limo pros at Luxury Limousine Inc. are ready to help. Call today for an appointment.