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An Old Hollywood Wedding in San Francisco

Groom and bride
Do you long for the glamorous days of old California, when Hollywood and all of the Golden State dripped in glitzy, star-studded events? Then recreate those days with a gorgeous, Old Hollywood–style wedding. Start with these ideas as inspiration for your own dream San Francisco wedding.

Take a Limo Ride

Nothing starts off your glamorous wedding day like a full-fledged limousine. What Hollywood icon would arrive without their black limo? Start the day off properly by filling the limo with champagne to celebrate the event, dainty appetizers to keep the bridal party energized, and decorations that fit your Old Hollywood theme.

As you travel to the wedding venue, take a tour of some of San Francisco's classic neighborhoods and areas. Drive through the Civic Center for classical architecture, Haight-Ashbury for 60s good vibes, Golden Gate Park for natural calmness, and the Grecian silhouettes of the Palace of Fine Arts.

Then, meet your wedding guests at the venue with a red carpet and cameras for a truly Hollywood entrance. Your bridal party will feel like they've traveled back in time for a glamorous evening.

Choose an Old School Venue

San Francisco boats a number of amazing, vintage wedding venues — no matter what size or budget your wedding is. Consider the amazing neo-Classical design of the Julia Morgan Ballroom or the 20s-era James Leary Flood Mansion.

Do you have a more modest wedding budget? Even traditional buildings like the San Francisco City Hall have many beautiful Beaux-Arts features from the mid-century, and they're available for reasonable rental fees. Another great choice for this theme is an old theater. From a red carpet entrance to a ceremony on the stage in front of your own audience, it's a perfect setting.

Use Bold Gem Colors

The decor at your Old Hollywood wedding should feel decadent. And one of the easiest ways to achieve this mood is to decorate with a bold jewel tone color scheme. Jewel tones look rich and elegant, and they can make up even for a smaller budget at your wedding.

What type jewel tone decor would work at your affair? Consider things like emerald green, sapphire, fuchsia, deep teal, dark purple, or garnet red. Any of these colors can easily be paired with a softer shade of their base hue for an accent.

Or you can use a monochromatic palette — including a single color bouquet or centerpieces — to make jewel tones really stand out. Jewel tones also work well with both gold and diamond decorative accents. With these colors and accents, you'll feel — and look — like a movie star!

Match the Wedding Attire

The real star of any wedding, of course, is the bridal couple. And you can recreate the vintage styles of many old Hollywood starlets for your inspiration. Think of Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Rita Hayworth, or Marilyn Monroe, and find your own homage.

The era can make a difference, too. You can opt for the curve-hugging styles of the 40s with a slinky dress, for instance, or choose the coquettish A-line, tea length dresses of the 50s. Pair the dress with accents like faux fur, fishnet veils, pillbox hats, or roses in your hair. Gentlemen can opt for a traditional tuxedo or even a stylish look from the era.  

Creating an Old Hollywood wedding undoubtedly transforms any wedding day into a work of art. From the limousine ride at the beginning to the decor at the reception, you'll return yourself and your guests to an era of luxury and romance. Start by visiting our limousine inventory at Luxury Limousine Service to learn how you can start your classic wedding in style.