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5 Ways to Make Your Next Business Trip Less Stressful

Business Trip
Business travel can be stressful. In addition to being in unusual surroundings, away from home or family, and among strangers, you often also have to be productive, entertain associates, and keep up with regular work tasks as well. 
To help you make your next business trip smoother and easier, follow these tips.

1. Hire Transportation

For many people, adding the stress of navigating a strange city and traffic along with trying to prep for meetings or business is too much. An easy way to massively reduce your anxiety about getting to and from meetings, temporary workplaces, or flights is to let someone else do the driving. 
Having reliable transportation actually increases your productive time as well. You can prepare yourself for meetings on the way, avoid having to leave early due to traffic concerns, and even eat a proper meal if you're in a real time crunch. 

2. Familiarize Yourself

Before you head out, learn a little about where you'll be staying, working, or landing. Check out the hotel's website to peruse its layout, amenities, and room designs. Find out when welcome cocktails are and what restaurants are within walking distance. Take a look at any information about where you'll be meeting or working to familiarize yourself with its general layout. 
In addition, even if you won't be navigating the city or town, take a look at a map to identify where you will stay, where you will work, and what local stores or recreational ideas are in easy distance. The more you feel like you know your surroundings, the easier it will be to feel like you're home for the duration. 

3. Pack Light

Try not to bring everything plus the kitchen sink when you're on a hurried business trip. The extra luggage, weight, and belongings can make it harder to find what you need and move quickly from one place to the next. And you can feel generally weighed down by bringing extra work or too many choices of clothing. 
Instead of overpacking, remind yourself that you can always pick up a forgotten toiletry or travel item at stores in your temporary work location. And most hotels have laundry services if you run out of clothing. Prepare what you need for work in a neat folder or separate case, and try to use digital apps and cloud storage to digitally store documents you may not need. 

4. Take Time Off

Don't forget to have a little fun while on any trip. If possible, build in a little downtime to do something like window shop in the downtown area, see a famous landmark or museum, or just relax outdoors in a nearby park. Ask your hotel or car service for local recommendations. 
Try to make the recreational item fit in with your locale, such as by trying a good local restaurant or shopping at a marketplace. Schedule some time off at the beginning or end of the trip as a way to unwind, or use it as a healthy break in the middle. 

5. Stay Healthy

Stress and travel are often a bad combination for people's health. You'll be exposed to a lot of viruses, germs, and bacteria while already in a stressed state from the travel itself. Plus, you may not be eating your normal variety of food.
So try to keep yourself in good health by eating proper, balanced meals at appropriate times. Get outside for a walk or jog, or work out a little in the hotel gym. And skip the late-night cocktails to get a good night's sleep.
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